Irina Dubtsova married 47-year-old businessman

Irina Dubtsova married 47-year-old businessmanWayward singer Irina Dubtsova, which is a year and a half ago left her husband, the lead singer of the band Plazma Novel Chernitsyn, is getting married again.The irony of fate, not otherwise: in the day when she will go to the Registrar with a 47-year-old owner of dental clinics Tigran, her ex-husband will lead down the aisle her new friend and singer Diana Eunice.- The wedding - the logical end of our long relationships - admitted L! Irina. - I found your love! Age Tigran does not scare me, because of love for all ages.RelationshipAssigning a second wedding date in my life, and Dubtsova, Chernitsyn and do not hide that I succumbed to the fashionable star trend: to create a family in the "trendy" date. Both the ceremony will take place 9.09.09.- I'm going to go down the aisle September 9. I think this is a very beautiful combination of numbers to 999. Some say that this number, if it is flipped means the number of the devil is 666, but I don't believe its negative impact, - said Irina. - By the way, I want to give Tigran the baby, but when it happens, I don't know. I already have a child and Tigran too. The more I think that gave birth to first child early enough, and now I'm better to start a career.Former spouse Dubtsova, unlike her, it seems, forgot about careers and, on the contrary, in the pool with his head plunged into a new love. It was a young singer, the soloist of group VIP Diana Eunice.Roma have presented Diana with parents - admitted L! close friends of the artist. - They are very happy and in full swing preparing for the wedding in September! Source: Irina Dubtsova married 47-year-old businessman.


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