An argument with a loved brought Karaseva to suicide

An argument with a loved brought Karaseva to suicideTori tried to settle scores with life, tired of fighting for the attention of the spouse.Difficult relationship with her own husband broke the nervous system of star "Houses-2".Perhaps the idea to part with life, tori came right after endless quarrels with loved ones.Mystery illness a 29 year old Victoria Karaseva, for the life which is the second month of struggling doctors forced her fans to shudder. To believe that the story of the pizza was a legend and is actually the star of the TV show tried to commit suicide, it's hard. But, according to residents "Homes" were prerequisites.The participants of the reality show told the "Your DAY" that Tory with Glory fought for months in a row. Victoria, according to them, didn't like that Dvorackova it paid too little attention.- He could go to sleep and instead drink tea, say friends of the couple. - Slava truth: he left because he had a headache, but my wife doesn't care about his health, her entertainment concern.- Me trying to catch some treason, " said Dvorackova. - Theoretically I can change, but until the desire arose. To me infidelity is not drawn, as the tories constantly wants sex. She wants even more...The Karaseva, very masculine and even menacing, it turned out, only wanted to be weak. Like to the point of exhaustion. After another quarrel, while Glory was trying to consider everything in the hallway, tori went friend Olga Sokol. The girl gave her a Valerian and tried to calm down. Vic silently sobbed."What are you? - early Falcon.- Yes anything! Don't know how to live, that's what! - through tears, replied Victoria.- Due to the fact that you are sick, you are hysterical? - asked Olya.- Due to another! "answered tori.TreatmentA few days after this conversation, tori went to the hospital Today... the doctors are doing everything possible to have Karaseva not had a relapse."As she even cannot eat on their own," says Dr. Sklifa. - Normal food can irritate the barely healed wounds.All the necessary substances Vick is administered intravenously. But there is progress: doctors allowed Tory to sit on the bed and even take a few steps around the room. Source: an Argument with a loved brought Karaseva to suicide.

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