Demi Moore is ready to change his surname

Demi Moore is ready to change his surnameIf you believe the gossip, demi Moore is finally Mature enough to officially become demi Kutcher.Previously, according to British newspaper the People, the actress found the change of name the right choice. Well, it's clear: she did not become a demi Willis, preferring to save the name of the first husband. Now it's, like, "feels ready". How Ashton convinced her?" We have no idea, but in a recent interview with Parade spouse demi spoke about their marriage as follows:"The trick is to get close to people whom you admire. Why I married my wife. Locked in a room the brightest light. My wife, among other things, the contract stipulates that we should give each other light. Our relationship with demi, thank God, thorough! We always talk about how we feel, and because of this between us is not formed emptiness. I'm sure if you stop working on a relationship, they leave." Source: demi Moore is ready to change his surname.

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