Summer, Oh summer! Coming Pugacheva!

Summer, Oh summer! Coming Pugacheva!Continues farewell tour of Alla Pugacheva. Whatever he said diva herself, calling her tour a farewell not bring.Let's call it better - triumphant. And look forward to the singer on tour in America. Meantime, a few words about the current routes.Tour Victor Shulman.Yes, that Victor Shulman opened the prima Donna of America in 1988. Then three months before the concert in Carnegiella, the prestigious concert hall of the USA, all the tickets were sold out.- Same as now, " says Shulman, is people like hypnotherapy and don't miss the opportunity to hear her live. This time the concerts will be held in Atlantic city, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Concert tickets Pugacheva are at times less than in Russia. For example, the most expensive ticket to a concert in new York will cost $ 300, the cheapest is 50.I want to note that at the concerts in America, we were able to bring the same scenery and lighting effects that were in the State Kremlin Palace.How hard was it to do? Of course. Very. But our Americans will see the show in all its glory. This is a concert that will warm your soul one day...A FEW QUESTIONS DIVA- Your fame, power, authority is absolute and unquestionable. In the beginning you dreamed about something like that?- About what happened, and I could not dream! Something I imagined, but not to this extent. And when this came to me, every day it seemed - tomorrow is over, tomorrow will be the end... and I Sozvezdie not done.- Could it be that feeling of "will end tomorrow" - so you'd never left?- No. So on my solo concerts I always came out like last time. And maybe that's why the audience and got all of me - to droplets. However, with time I began to feel worse after these words. Say: "the last time" - and feel right: the tragedy went! Ah! (Laughs.) With age I have changed the phrase. Now I say: "Like the first time!".


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