`Mijalkovski` Congress - for the collapse of Russian cinema

`Mijalkovski` Congress - for the collapse of Russian cinemaThe Chairman of the Moscow Union of cinematographers (SC) Paul Finn believes that the extraordinary Congress, which convenes Nikita Mikhalkov 30 and 31 March in the arcade, this is a disaster for the national cinema."This Congress is convened by the former leadership, whose policy is not the first not the overall interests of the community and professional interests. This Congress is a disaster for our film, because whatever bogus or a nominal figure on it, it will confirm to establishing a monopoly, concentrated in the same hands," said Finn, speaking Saturday at a meeting of members of the SC of the Russian Federation, living in Moscow and the Moscow region.According to him, the invitation to the Congress of students that did Mikhalkov, "not just a populist move - we have no control over this mass and those who manipulates her". Finn recalled that at the Fifth Congress in the Kremlin raised the mandates even the students of VGIK. "And there's Our?" he said."This is not a personal conflict, not confrontation "charismatic personality" the envious and losers, not the split between representatives of different positions, this is a deep systemic crisis, says Finn. - There is a real danger of turning our film in a kind of oligarchic Empire with his fiscal system"."This Congress will transform the public life of our community in the desert and will confirm the split. Gala organizers of this meeting would seem that it is the Congress of the victors, but it's a Pyrrhic victory," he said.In the end Finn urged his colleagues not to be afraid to lose, not by Congress or upon learning of his decisions.".


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