Brain Jackson returned to relatives

Brain Jackson returned to relativesRelatives of Michael Jackson returned the brain pop star. The body was taken out of the body of the singer immediately after his death to determine the cause of death. Jackson will be buried, most likely at the Los Angeles Forest Lawn cemetery.The doctors returned the brain of Michael Jackson to his relatives, according to Sky News, citing a source in medical circles. The body was taken out of the body of the singer immediately after his death on June 25 to determine the causes of death of the pop star.Pathologists examined the brain, but the results of examination, while it is not reported. As told the TV station representative of the Los Angeles police, the transmission of the brain took place last week, and now relatives of the singer finally able to bring his body to the ground.Meanwhile, a tense debate about the burial place of Jackson -- earlier it was reported that pop idol should be buried at his Neverland estate, but it is hampered by the laws of the state of California prohibiting burial on non-private lands. Also against this is the mother of singer Katherine Jackson.But the Internet resource Contact music recently found out that the relatives decided to bury Jackson on the famous Los Angeles Forest Lawn cemetery, where are buried many famous celebrities, for example, the famous actor Clark gable.According to resource, the cemetery administration has already received all the necessary documents, and the funeral can take place in the very near future.In addition, the concerned public continues to build guesses about the causes of death of the singer. Recently, under the close attention of both media and law enforcement agencies got the personal physician Jackson Conrad Murray.In connection with the death of the singer filed for manslaughter, and it is reported that the police suspected that Jackson died because of a powerful anesthetic, which he has appointed Murray. The doctor, in turn, denies all allegations. Source: Brain Jackson returned to relatives.


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