Trash-musician defended Anastasia Prikhodko

Trash-musician defended Anastasia PrikhodkoTrash-musician Kolya Voronov appreciated Russia's representative at "Eurovision-2009" Anastasia Prikhodko and rose to her defense.Anastasia Prikhodko as a person has made on Nicholas only positive impression, but the song "Mamo", which the artist will perform at the contest, is a "step down", according to the trash-by Voronov.Recall that as soon as Anastasia won the qualifying round, around her name appeared a lot of scandals. The first broke out immediately after the qualifying round. The public disliked that Russia at the international competition will present a Ukrainian singer. Nikolay Voronov, remembering the scandal, came to the defense Prikhodko. Trash-musician resent discussion of belonging to any nationality when it comes to creativity. "I believe that nationality is not important. The importance of talent! "- he says in his video on Internet TV channel Russia.Ru.Remembering the reports in the media about racist remarks Nastia Prikhodko, Nicholas comes almost to the boiling point and exclaims: "it is Still unknown why were all these statements. She's innocent, she's a good girl! "says about Anastasia Prikhodko Kolya Voronov.However, Nicholas said that if he will be able to watch the broadcast of the competition, cheering for Anastasia Prikhodko only due to the fact that it is Russia, he will not. His attention will be directed only to that party which would appear to him the most talented.We will remind that Nikolay Voronov claimed to participate in the qualifying round of the participant from Russia. The Internet was circulated video of famous and influential music critic Artemy Troitsky offers to send to Eurovision new star Global network - Nikolai Voronov, who became famous overnight with their song "White dragonfly of love". Trinity was convinced that "wild-looking, talented and a great actor is able to bring our country to a second win in a row in this competition.Nicholas remembers those times with sadness: "It would be nice to show ourselves off to the public. But... is not picked up, so did not take! "The musician noted that it was nice to show that there are artists like him who for creating music does not use expensive equipment, and create their own hits using only one synth, and sing them in person. Clean is always the best and most honest, " says nick about the songs alive. To fall off, failed to make is better than to lip-synch". Besides the songs of the Eurovision song contest decided to sing in English, and nick doesn't support his music no other language than Russian. "I am opposed to sing Russian songs in English. They lose meaning. Russian language is much richer than English," he says. Source: Trash-musician defended Anastasia Prikhodko.


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