Nadya Granovskaya is likely to remain without work

Nadya Granovskaya is likely to remain without workThe soloist of group "VIA Gra", 27-year-old Nadezhda Granovskaya is likely to remain without work, if not return to their previous forms.In the secular parties have long been noticed changes in the shape Granovskaya. The producers group urged the girl to lose a few extra pounds, otherwise it is going to terminate the contract. Now, according to rumors, all the free time she desperately working to regain its former shape.Hope has set a goal for the month to get rid of seven extra pounds. The basis of strict dieting singer - avoiding sweets, flour, fried and regular classes at the gym, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".As we already wrote, brunette Nadya Granovskaya not so long ago returned to the famous group "VIA Gra". Act artist produced a bombshell. Female trio all this time continued existence even after the most brilliant soloists. But fans were convinced that the "Golden" part is Granovskaya, Brezhnev and Sedokova.Because of the return of Hope from the team was fired another brunette - Meseda Bagaudinova. In his time Babysitting sexy brunette producers created the group a lot of problems. The beauty still could not find a suitable girl. Meseda in the group caught on, but as soon Granovskaya want, as a brand new brunette pointed to the door.And recently Granovskaya in front of a crowd of quarreling with TV presenter Ivan Urgant. The girl outfit has been the subject of sharp jokes Ivan, after which he heard the insults in his address from Hope. Source: Nadya Granovskaya is likely to remain without work.

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