The flash of anger Christian bale

The flash of anger Christian baleActor Christian bale, who played the title role in "terminator 4", was forced to apologize for 37-word tirade addressed to the illuminator of the film.The flash of anger actor, which, incidentally, photographed, and then placed the video on the Internet, became a sensation. In his tirade bale threatened to leave if the illuminator will not fire.Everyone was waiting for the comments of the actor, and they finally came in an interview with "GQ Magazine".Bale apologized. But... at the same time stated that he was misunderstood and that the tirade was not his "collisions" on the illuminator, and the text of the excerpt from the film. That is, according to bale, were the words of his character, John Connor is the leader of the rebellion against the machines-robots that captured the world ."I insist that the guy who yelled at the illuminator was partly John Connor," said bale in an interview with GQ. This wouldn't have happened if we hadn't filmed that scene".Illuminator prevented bale just at the moment when there was a shooting the most intense scenes of the film, which according to the authors will be the beginning of a new trilogy, the effect of which will unfold in the post-apocalyptic future.For bale is truly second starring role after role as Batman in the blockbuster Christopher Nolan.But it seems that he needs to learn to control myself as both his stellar character. Source: anger Christian bale.

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