In Moscow opened a monument to Milorad Pavic

In Moscow opened a monument to Milorad PavicIn Moscow, in the courtyard of the Library for foreign literature, on 24 June 2009, the company opened a sculptural portrait of the Serbian writer Milorad Pavic.The author of "Khazar dictionary" himself was going to come to the ceremony, but refused to visit to the Russian capital before the trip because of poor health, according to radio "Culture".Soon Russian will be released two new books by Pavic: the novel "the Fly" (his promise to release in September) and guide "the Big book of Belgrade". According to the radio station, the writer is now working on "Serbian book of the dead".In the courtyard of the library are monuments to James Joyce and Ferdowsi. Source: In Moscow, a monument to Milorad Pavic.


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