The finalist `Miss Australia` suspected anorexia

The finalist `Miss Australia` suspected anorexiaIn Australia, a scandal is unfolding in connection with reaching the final of the beauty contest "Miss Australia" too skinny girls.One of the finalists seemed to doctors and nutritionists overly exhausted, they believe that her thinness is harmful to health and is a wrong example for young couldnГ­t keep the momentum.19-year-old model from Sydney Stefania Naumoska got to the finals among the 32 girls, chosen by a jury of 7000 candidates from across the country, reports Reuters. Naumoska took the second place, the next day after the contest, local Newspapers came out with headlines like: "Bony or beautiful?" and pictures of the anorexic Naumoska posing in a red bikini.Doctors and nutritionists immediately raised the alarm, as the body mass index in the model is only 15,1, while the permissible level 18. This indicator is computed as the ratio of body weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. Stephanie Naumoska at 180 cm tall, weighs 49 kg. a Dietician Melanie Mukhriz told reporters that will require blood tests and a full assessment of the health status of girls, to ensure that Naumoska not suffering from anorexia.Director Shaw Deborah Miller stood up for a beautiful brunette that is in the final, defeated 20-year-old TV presenter and model Rachael Finch, saying that she had a "Macedonian" body type. "They have long, flexible bodies and thin bones. It's their body type, just as almost all Asian girls small stature," said Miller.The President of the Medical Association of Australia Rosanna Capolingua believes that the example of Naumoski will show other young women that excessive thinness is normal, while it is very dangerous for health. Capolingua invites the organizers to limit the possibility of participation in the qualifying rounds for the girls with a body mass index below 20.The model itself has refused to comment on the battles around her weight, but dietician Susie Farrel stated that "Macedonian" body type does not exist.Rachel Finch will take part in the final of the contest "Miss universe", which will be held in the Bahamas in August 2009. While that title belongs to Diana Mendoza from Venezuela.Recall that the problem with propaganda is too thin models has long been disputed in the world. But experts believe that such perfection can lead to tragic consequences, as young girls follow him and torture themselves by hunger and diets.International movement for "health and beauty at fashion shows" have stepped up their efforts after the death in August 2006 from anorexia 22-year-old model from Latin America Liezel Ramos. In November of the same year from anorexia died a famous Brazilian model - 21-year-old Ana Carolina Reston. Her weight barely reached 40 pounds while the height is 174 cm Since then in different countries from anorexia died a few models.In Spain, Italy and Brazil three years ago there was a ban on participation in the fashion show models weigh up to 50 pounds.To impressions only allow models with a body mass index of at least 18.5. According to the world health organization, with an average growth models 175 cm they should weigh at least 57 kg, but in practice the weight of the girls does not exceed 52 kg.Anorexia is a mental disorder that is manifested in a pathological lack of appetite. Source: the Finalist of "Miss Australia" suspected anorexia.


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