Vladimir Pozner will meet the anniversary in Paris

Vladimir Pozner will meet the anniversary in ParisVladimir Pozner, who left last fall as President of the Academy of television and radio broadcasting, was named by colleagues as the best Russian television interviewer. On the day of the 75th anniversary of Vladimir Vladimirovich, Days.Ru resemble than he deserved it.Posner is one of those figures who, it seems, never left the television screen throughout the years of existence of the Soviet television. In the 85 year and it was memorable to our audience as the host of the teleconference Leningrad-Seattle, 86 - Leningrad-Boston. It was the television debut Posner, and after that his career developed rapidly. At the time, to find in the Union of the educated man, fluent in French and English, and thus does not belong to the world of state structures, it was almost impossible.Although Posner graduated from the biological faculty of Moscow state University, writing and translation activities, it attracted more and because at first worked, as he says himself, "clerk" Samuel Marshak (until he was kicked out for the spirit of adventure).In the early 90s, he often appeared on the television show American Phil Donahue, while living in the United States. Living at the invitation Donahue in USA, Pozner every month flew to Russia to record "We" and "masked Man" - and so it went for several years until 1999. In addition, he did not forget about the younger generation, opening for young regional journalists "School of television excellence" in 1997. It operates today, and in the summer offers and special Summer school. Perhaps, without his intervention many who would like to work on TV, but had no idea how to reshape theoretical academic knowledge in practical advice, would be unable to get on the air.With the new Millennium and in the last year has opened and a new body-the Chapter in the work of Posner on our TV. Then came out the author's analytical program "Time" on the scale of the issues raised and the openness of their discussion, which had no analogues on Russian television. In addition, as is the case with other projects, Posner led a conversation with major cultural figures and politicians. But in September of last year Vladimir Pozner has announced that the program has been exhausted, and closed the project.Posner now is a carrier 3 state awards: the Order "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree, the Order of merit and the Order of Friendship of peoples. But despite the number of awards, and a long "track record", Vladimir Pozner has a broad Outlook on life and is not afraid to openly say things that may seem strange or unreasonable: for example, he finds it necessary to legalize drugs to avoid children's abuse.A year ago, the news that Posner along with TV presenter Ivan Urgant and documentary filmmaker Brian Kahn traveled 16 thousand kilometers of the New world, to repeat the journey of Ilf and Petrov, blew up the newspaper and television media. Today he is busy filming his new movie in France. There he is going to celebrate his birthday, and the Russian media are sending Vladimir Vladimirovich their professional Hello and congratulate him on his birthday. Days.Ru happy to add our congratulations. Source: Vladimir Pozner will meet the anniversary in Paris.


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