The ranking of the most slender bodies

The ranking of the most slender bodies In the midst of the summer season, the editors of the American magazine OK decided to introduce readers to a ranking of the most sexy and slender bodies. Judging by this list, this summer in Vogue "juicy" feminine figure...According to readers of the popular publication, the best body of summer 2009 was the updated figure of American singer Britney Spears, who has long struggled with being overweight. Systematic training, a special diet and daily classes in dance hall helped 27-year-old mother of two children to return to form and to appear on the beach in a bikini, showing off her toned shape.Jennifer aniston has always been distinguished for its excellent physical shape and elegance. And even in 40 years, the actress is still the perfect "girl in bikini", gladly showing off their sexy shape at every opportunity. We will remind that recently Shawn Johnson (Shawn Johnson) called her body "natural and feminine," adding that he believes Jennifer "incredibly beautiful".The sexiest woman of 2009 Megan Fox won third place in the ranking of the best bodies this summer. Their sexual forms, the actress never ceases to boast about in explicit erotic photo shoots - most recently, she was undressed for the best publications of America.The former bond girl continues to seduce the world with its luxurious body. 42 does not become a hindrance - Helly berry never ceases to star in candid photo shoots for men's magazines and appearing in sexy outfits at various ceremonies.Once Karolina Kurkova admitted that he's always dreamed of a body like j Lo. According to charming model, Jennifer was never afraid of magnificent forms, which made her even more sexy and attractive. The mother of two children never indulged in food and was a frequent visitor to McDonald's, but that's never bothered her to be one of the most beautiful and desirable women in the world.21-year-old singer was named the most charming young star during the time of the release of her first big hit, "SOS". Since then Rihanna has managed to not only become korotkostrizhenih brunette, but also to decorate your body with tattoos. The singer also is not shy of magnificent forms and only trying to highlight them, wearing a Frank suits.Unlike the two aforementioned stars, 34-year-old "Desperate Housewives" has always followed her own body, indulging in sandwiches and fries. The result is obvious - with dramatically low rise Eva Longoria left the magnificent body that is envied any modern celebrity.All their charms Jessica Biel did not hesitate to show in the movie "Oxide", playing a stripper in it. Tricks on the pole struck the audience, not expecting to see a naked body of a star. Looks like playing "Golf" with boyfriend Justin Timberlake went her figure to advantage.Socialite half of my life struggling with being overweight and only now realized that their "imaginary" flaws in the form of extra pounds, you need to emphasize. To "fix" the result of Kim Kardashian appeared in an erotic photo shoot for Playboy magazine - thanks to this star "homemade porn" has received a rank of the world sex symbol.The secret to a slim figure Kate Beckinsale - Pilates classes that help her stay in shape despite the adored high-calorie sweets. A lover of cakes once said it never claimed to be the first places in ratings of the most sexy, which makes it even more attractive. Source: the Ranking of the most slender bodies (photos).


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