Swayze cancer has changed beyond recognition

Swayze cancer has changed beyond recognition Serious illness has changed beyond recognition 56-year-old Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze.Despite an incurable disease - pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze is not giving up, he continues to lead a normal life - shopping, Smoking favorite cigarettes and get from life's little pleasure, feeling like a complete person.Recently, the actor returned to Los Angeles where she was spotted with his wife Lisa Niemi for buying a new car, reports The Sun. Patrick recently completed a second course of chemotherapy, which significantly affected his appearance. Swayze is very thin and almost lost my hair.Because of hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment he is forced to wear a wig, but Swayze is not giving up. Despite the fact that pancreatic cancer could develop due to excessive Smoking, the actor does not part with his beloved habit.Recall that for over a year the leading roles in the movie "Dirty dancing" (1987) and "Ghost" (1990) is struggling with a terrible disease - cancer of the pancreas. The actor is one of the most severe forms of the disease. The doctors admitted that they cannot stop the disease process. After doctors stated their impotence, Patrick decided to live what he has been given by the Lord God. He continued to do his favorite thing - filming. Recently Swayze finished filming in the TV series "The Beast" in which he played an FBI agent. And this autumn will be published in the memoirs of the famous actor, which he wrote together with his wife. Source: Swayze Cancer has changed beyond recognition (photo).


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