Allochka from `Uni` undressed for Playboy

Allochka from `Uni` undressed for Playboy The actress who played the role of Alla in the TV series "Univer" - Maria Kozhevnikova - graced the cover of the September issue of the legendary men's magazine.Nude Maria Kozhevnikova brought to readers in the form of a fatal temptress, sitting behind the wheel of an expensive car.In addition, the 24-year-old actress gave a candid interview. Maria admitted that looking at beautiful girls and beautiful body to her great pleasure, so she decided on such a candid shot."To see yourself on a magazine cover, to trust the professionals, to feel in a different way - here's what you can take a chance and ignore the advice of "not worth it" and plunge into the world of Playboy, " said the actress.Many famous Actresses stripped in a big movie, and for men's magazines refuse to undress. They say that cinema is an art, and here is the log... "Not every movie is art and not every men's magazine - a collection of best photos," says Maria. - Worldwide talented photographers who shoot for magazines such as art, like the famous Directors, undressing his Actresses".The actress added and piquant detail - "I never had sex. I'm for people making love. In my understanding, the process of intimacy is a sort of mystery, dizziness, smells, driving you crazy, native hands of your loved one, it is a whisper, a breath. You feel the mood, guess fancy each other. It's when two people become one and it is something I enjoy. No matter where you two are, though, and in the car..." Source: Allochka from "Uni" undressed for Playboy (photos).


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