Nabokov's last novel will be on sale November 3

Nabokov's last novel will be on sale November 3Last, unfinished novel by Vladimir Nabokov "the Original of Laura" will still be published, announced today the newspaper The Telegraph.The writer's son Dmitri Nabokov has several times promised to publish an unfinished novel, it is possible to execute the last will of his father and burn "the Original of Laura." According to The Telegraph, this time the decision of Dmitry Nabokov's final.As told the newspaper publisher Penguin Classics Alexis Kirschbaum, publishers spent in the house of Dmitry three days discussing the details of the contract. As a result the contract was concluded. Now, Penguin Classics has the rights to publish the Original of Laura." The book is due out on November 3 for the price of £25. Source: Nabokov's Last novel will be on sale November 3.


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