Hugh Jackman hurt his woman-stuntman on the set

Hugh Jackman hurt his woman-stuntman on the setIn anticipation of the world premiere of "the Wolverine" Hugh Jackman recalled one incident that occurred on the set of the first "X-Men".Filmed fight his hero and Mystic character of Rebecca romijn. The actress in some scenes replaced stunt girl, because the claws have Hugh were very real! Them he accidentally cut the hand of this girl."When we were shooting the first film, my props were real metal claws. - The actor remembers. And here's Rebecca romijn, her understudy and I did a fight scene in the Statue of Liberty. I had to pay her a shot in the arm, and she had to take her, but forgot, so I got the blade right in her hand - it went down about an inch. I was dumbfounded. In her hand was a hole but no blood, and then in a moment the blood began to beat like a geyser. I almost fainted. I thought that she would lose control, but she only said, "Yes! I got sliced up by Wolverine himself!" Typical stunt girl!".


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