Jasmine again is going to get married

Jasmine again is going to get marriedSinger Jasmine this summer was getting married for the second time. His new love, George, the girl he met last summer.After a scandalous divorce from her first husband, the singer tries to protect our privacy from prying eyes, so her new partner quite a bit of information. The only thing known is he just over 30 years and has his own business in Moscow.Big celebration the actress has no plans to arrange - for the wedding will be invited only the closest people, white dresses the bride because the wedding singer is not the first.Recall that in 2006 the singer Jasmine, in the world Sarah seminueva, accused her ex-husband Vyacheslav seminueva in the regular battering, hitting on a hospital bed with numerous bruises and a nose injury. The incident was a criminal case.Divorce the singer was in the past, and now the artist is forging a new life - and his 11-year-old son Misha. According to Jasmine, her ex-husband and the boy's father Vyacheslav Semenduev communicates with the child and even takes him to his. "I welcome the fact that he communicates with him," says Jasmine. It is good for the child. Misha with him every day calls up, talks, talks about progress at school. Dad once a week takes it and they go somewhere together. Me personally his meeting with his father does not concern you. We never talk". Source: Jasmine again is going to get married.


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