Katy Perry wants to settle down and start a family

Katy Perry wants to settle down and start a familyKaty Perry wants to settle down and start a family. About it she told one of the glossy magazines. When Katie said that the relationship with her is quite difficult to build, as it is very "picky".And Perry has admitted that she has a person who can shake her if she suddenly goes "star disease". This is her 26-year-old sister Angela. My sister even has its own room in the house Katie in Hollywood. And also "honorary" duty to Wake Katie. The singer shared: "the Way she wakes me up, horrible! She stands over me with a glass of cold water and count to three. If on the count of three I get there, she starts me to water".This explains why Katy started to think about marriage. Maybe the groom from Russia? Naomi Campbell, like, all happy.We will remind, in June, Perry will visit Moscow. Source: Katy Perry wants to settle down and start a family.

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