Died 12-year-old grandson of the President of Egypt

Died 12-year-old grandson of the President of EgyptTuesday in Egypt was delivered the body of 12-year-old Mohammed Mubarak - grandson of President Hosni Mubarak. The child died suddenly in Paris, where he lived with his grandmother.The office of the President of Egypt does not indicate an official cause of death of the boy. According to preliminary data, the child could die of a brain aneurysm, childhood leukemia or food poisoning, reports MIGnews.The father of Mohammed Mubarak is a 47-year-old son of the President of doing business. Recently, however, the boy was in Paris under the care of his grandmother - the wife of the Egyptian leader Suzanne Mubarak. The office of the President of Egypt explained that the child was sent to the French capital for "urgent treatment". The administration of the head of state also indicated that "the crisis in the health of Mubarak came two days ago", transfer "messages.".Egyptian TV broadcasts religious songs performed by children, which also indicates the death of a person related to the governing circles of the country, notes "Interfax". After the tragic death of Mohammed Mubarak the President of Egypt has only one grandson is 6-year-old Omar.Recall that recently Hosni Mubarak persecuted trouble. So, in January, one of the Iranian youth organizations were offered a million dollars to anyone who would kill the President of Egypt. "Revolutionary students - members of the militia of Basag organized a ceremony at which it was announced the appointment of award of one million dollars for the actuation of the revolutionary death sentence against a dirty traitor, Hosni Mubarak," he told Iranian state news Agency Fars.Egyptian President accused of treason because he took an active part in the settlement of armed conflict in the Gaza Strip and along with French leader Nicolas Sarkozy drew up a peace plan. Source: Dead 12-year-old grandson of the President of Egypt.


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