On the `Lenfilm` paint a black and white `Cinderella`

On the `Lenfilm` paint a black and white `Cinderella`About the film "Cinderella" started talking again. Now discuss movies as rapidly as they were 62 years ago, after the release.The audience colored version causes mixed feelings. Sell color "Cinderella" here, on film, actually began 12 years ago when the film was released in VHS format on the tape. But until recently, the color could only cover as a promotional move. The movie itself was black and white, according to NTV.As told the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Director "thumbnail-video" Yuri Ivanov, in the process of working on the film, our specialists have found a unique document - a transcript of the meeting of the artistic Council under the Ministry of cinematography of the USSR from February 14, 1946. There the floor was taken by illustrious artist Boris Babochkin and directed by Ivan Pyryev. And said: "Cinderella", you need to remove definitely in color. However, to the opinion of the masters Stalin went unheeded. Color film in the country were few. Money eventually allocated only to make a color picture pyreva "the Legend of the Siberian land".Tatyana Shapiro, the daughter of operator Eugene Shapiro: "It each frame itself is painted. He came to the pavilion is completely ready. Stunningly put light. How's he doing, what was he doing? It's a secret".Tatyana Shapiro says that the father had any special techniques for working with black-and-white film. So, after learning that "Cinderella" will be colored surprised. And, before seeing the new film, beginning to speak out against. Today I saw on the small screen: "Oh, not that. In color, but I don't like. All is lost: shadows. It's all gone. Have only color. Her friends, too, but it is important that the "thumbnail". And with the copyright to this slipper is no problem. Faina Ranevskaya here seems so very even color. It would perhaps be even brighter. Viewers thus is likely to remain even. Because if for some, the pumpkin turns into a carriage, many, on the contrary, decided that fairy all mixed up.We will remind that last week the Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region (KLO) has demanded through court to recover from channel "Russia 1 billion rubles compensation for moral damage inflicted by the demonstration of a colour version of the film "Seventeen moments of spring"."To recover from the defendant in our favor on account of compensation of moral harm 1 billion (one billion rubles", - stated in the complaint in Moscow city court, the text of which is posted on the website of KLA. According to the statement, the plaintiffs are the members of KLA, defendant - VGTRK "Russia" and Deputy Director General of TV channel Alexander Lyubimov.In addition to the recovery of moral damages, the plaintiff demands to oblige the defendant to provide the viewers who pay the television signal VGTRK "Russia", access to the original television movie "Seventeen moments of spring", according to Interfax. Source: On the "thumbnail" paint it, black and white Cinderella.


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