Some of the secrets of the movie `new Moon`

Some of the secrets of the movie `new Moon`Kristen Stewart shared some interesting details of shooting "new Moon". It turns out that the scene where she jumps off a cliff will do with the help of computer graphics.The girl did not dare herself with insurance to perform the trick. The actress said she already scanned head to create a double.In the story Bella loses her sanity because of the break with Edward and jumps down from the cliff into the icy water to hear his voice, who hears every time she's in danger. Fans so worried about the climax that some even created their own video showing how it happens. Before that everyone was discussing whether Stewart really jump itself. "Unfortunately no," says the actress, "I have almost prepared for the fact that I have to jump, but no. I'm not going to dive off a cliff in "new moon". Source: Some of the secrets of the film "new Moon"".


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