Wife of Tony Blair parading naked

Wife of Tony Blair parading nakedThe picture, which depicts the naked body of 22-year-old Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, put up for sale in a London gallery in Mayfair. The cost image is 600 thousand pounds.Canvas Striding Nude, blue dress" was written by the artist Ewan Uglow in 1972. At this time, future wife Cherie Blair, who in girlhood bore the name of Booth, just graduated from the London school of Economics. One of the features of the picture is that the body, depicted on canvas, written with Cherie Booth, and the head from another model.According to experts, the artist was unable to write head future Mrs. Blair because of her employment, associated with a rather slow manner of operation of Aglow. Note that earlier in the gallery Browse & Darby placed the sketch for this painting. Later it was sold for four thousand pounds. However, the name of the person who purchased the sketch for the painting "Striding Nude, blue dress", not reported. According to unofficial information, the sketch for the painting could purchase a couple of Blair."The policy of the gallery provides for the nondisclosure of the names of the buyers. Many of them do not want their names disclosed," said gallery owner Charles Bradstock, adding that Cherie Blair first saw a picture of Aglow just this week. "The reaction to both works - the picture and the sketch was very good," stressed Bradstock. According to the information of RIA "Novosti", study for the painting "Striding Nude, blue dress" also has its own characteristics, in addition to art. So, on the back of the sketches written by the name of Cherie Booth and a room of her home phone.Ewan Uglow, who died in 2000 at the age of 69, known as "slow and methodical artist, who shot from their dozens of models standards. It is known that at the request of the author, the painting and the study could not be presented in the exhibition halls until, until Tony Blair will step down as British Prime Minister. It is worth noting that an older child couple Blair's name is Ewan in honor of the artist. Source: Wife of Tony Blair parading naked.


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