Nikolay Rastorguev is on the mend

Nikolay Rastorguev is on the mendFor the first time after complex surgery for a kidney transplant Nikolay Rastorguev went for a walk. The first steps in the fresh air was given to the musician is not easy.To persuade doctors to allow him to walk Nikolay Vyacheslavovich was not easy. Doctors believe that the body is not yet Mature and there is a chance of catching any infection. Even the wife of singer Natalia doctors recommended in the house to put on a gauze bandage.And yet before the request of Nicholas V. the specialists of the Institute of Transplantology couldn't resist.Walk the famous "Frank's a big commander" went accompanied by a musician in his band. The man, dressed in a tracksuit and baseball cap, was not immediately recognize imposing Rastorguev. Slow step singer first walked on campus, and then headed to the birch grove, opposite the clinic. The most complicated operation quickly made itself felt. After a few minutes Nikolai Vyacheslavovich tired and decided to sit down on the bench.ModeSpecialists allowed the singer to smoke, but it is strongly recommended to abandon the junk food. Doctors of the Institute of transplantation, transplanted Nikolay Rastorguev kidney, convince him to exclude from the diet of salty, fatty, and spicy food.Doctors convince Nicholas V., in the first months after a serious operation he needs to stick to strict diets, based on a light diet.To the delight of the attending physicians and family, the famous "father Kombat" is getting better. Two weeks later, after a complicated operation on transplantation of body 52 year old artist themselves get out of bed, walks in the fresh air and actively corresponded over the Internet. The only thing that doctors are concerned, is the fact that the artist adheres poorly to the prescribed mode.- Nikolay Vyacheslavovich says that without cigarettes can not live - shrug the doctor. "But this is a very serious operation, the body and so experienced real stress, and then there's the his nicotine poisoning.The doctors had to make an exception. Nikolai Rastorguev - only patient of the clinic who is allowed to smoke in the house.- From the habit of Smoking for one day to wean myself, but to stick to a diet we highly recommend, " continues the doctor. - First of all forbade the use of so-called junk food.DietThe specialists of the Institute of Transplantology convince the artist to withdraw for a while from protein, fat, sugar and to minimize fluid intake. The singer in the house put even a special apparatus for the distillation of water, which filters the salt.- The diet should be based on fruits and cereals, " said the coach, no rolls and sweet tea.According to doctors, Nikolay Vyacheslavovich - the easiest patient, but sometimes it breaks down and allows himself too much. For diet famous "Kombat" keenly watching wife. Natalia personally buys the products and even has Breakfast with him, to exclude the husband any temptation. Source: Nikolay Rastorguev is on the mend.


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