Michael Jackson is in the fridge

Michael Jackson is in the fridgeSince the death of Michael Jackson three weeks passed, and his body still not buried and stored in a refrigerated room Hollywood mortuary.Relatives of the singer once again delayed the cremation, in case you will need another autopsy.It depends on the final decision, which should soon bring the police Department of Los Angeles. Now law enforcement officials are considering the possibility of diversion of the death of the king of pop in a criminal case under article "Manslaughter".Two have already conducted the autopsy did not give significant results, Toxicological examination revealed nothing sensational. The most likely cause of Jackson's death is a potent drug overdose of propofol, better known as Diprivan. It is a sedative medicine used during surgery as an anaesthetic and is not valid anywhere except hospitals.Since the last cardiologist Jackson was Dr. Conrad Murray, he is the Prime suspect in a possible criminal case. Against Murray is a lot of evidence proving that it was he who introduced the singer a fatal dose of the drug. The cardiologist has not confirmed nor denied the information about whether he was prescribed the Diprivan his patient, writes utray. Home the singer, however, found many empty packages and vials of medicine.Another man, attracted the attention these days due to the death of Michael Jackson, has become a personal dermatologist singer Arnold Klein. English newspaper the Daily Star he made a sensational statement, saying that in childhood, Jackson was severely beaten by his father, paternal subsequently became sterile. Klein also added that the singer, using the sperm of an anonymous donor, has not told his wife about it. Dermatologist'm sure Debra, Michael's wife, could not know of such fraud on the part of her famous husband.Meanwhile, as in the case of Jackson's death has not yet come to an end, the singer is again able to get into the Guinness Book of records. Thus, since the death of the king of pop in the USA has sold over 9 million copies of his albums. And Christmas music stores in the country generally predict peak "of jacksonmania". The fact is that by the end of the year will be released the last album of the singer, which he did not have time to present in life. Source: Michael Jackson is in the fridge.


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