Indian tycoon to Finance film projects Spielberg

Indian tycoon to Finance film projects SpielbergIndian billionaire Anil Ambani will Fund new Hollywood projects American Director Steven Spielberg.The owner of the Reliance ADA Group Anil Ambani will Finance new Hollywood projects American Director Steven Spielberg, told The Economic Times. In addition to investing Ambani, Spielberg based the movie Studio Dream Works will receive $175 million from the Walt Disney company, and a Bank loan of $325 million.Just project a powerful financial injections into the budget of the film Studio, which recently has been curtailed opportunities due to the economic crisis, designed for $825 millionSpielberg himself very happy with the signed funding agreement with Indian Reliance ADA Group. "This will allow us to move forward, to promote our films, it simply opens the door for us into the future," said Spielberg.Ambani also pleased with the deal. "Collaboration with Steven - the cornerstone of our Hollywood strategy as our kinjirareta extend to the whole world", said Ambani. "Now Spielberg can focus on making more good movies that will be sold", said the Indian billionaire.The first projects under the new financial cooperation will be a film about Martin Luther king and the movie "Harvey" - adaptation of the Broadway play about a man who befriended a giant rabbit that no one else sees.Plans to film studios and other films of different genres - thrillers, Comedy, romance.As expected, the year will go on five or six paintings, distributor all over the world will be Walt Disney, and in India - Indian concern. American journalists have already dubbed the deal "the meeting of Hollywood and bollywood". Source: Indian tycoon to Finance film projects Spielberg.


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