Kandelaki revealed the secrets of family life

Kandelaki revealed the secrets of family lifeTina Kandelaki openly talked about the relationship with her husband, which she is already 11 years old.In the relationship with her husband Andrew Kondrahinym Tina passed through different stages - better, worse, cooler, but it never broke the overall stability of their family life.Ironically, in life so bright and flamboyant woman was not huge and enthusiastic love. Tina never would lose my mind from the senses. She even offer Andrew did to herself, saying, "Marry me, please." "I never expect!" said Kandelaki.Arriving in Moscow from Tbilisi, Tina was without housing and registration, elementary and she had to go legit, and Andrew, in support of, married her. "It so happened that I took Andrew with a girl that he met, however, the ending in their relationship had been before me.".

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