`Kinotavr` first opened without Yankovsky

`Kinotavr` first opened without Yankovsky7 June in Sochi was announced the opening of the jubilee, 20th Open Russian film festival "Kinotavr", initiated by Oleg Jankowski along with mark Rubinsteina in 1989, the year.How was the festival without Oleg Ivanovich, learned Days.Roux, who visited the opening ceremony of "Kinotavr" in the Winter theatre."Despite the talk of economic circumstances, frankly, already entrenched in the liver, "Kinotavr" held", - concluded producer and concurrently Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the festival Alexander Rodnyansky. He, together with the General producer of the festival Igor Tolstunov, appeared on the stage of the Winter theatre to hand Mark rudenstein, the father-founder of "Kinotavr", the honorary prize. "Five years after the first "Kinotavr", seeing your name next to "outstanding", I realized that a sense of humor, the festival has not changed," commented Rudinshtejn Eulogy Tolstunov and Rodnyansky.Not changed a festival and tact. The emptiness after the death of Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky, has spread, it seems, on the whole, Russian cinema during the hours that lasted the opening ceremony, the footage on the screens behind the actors and the words of the speakers talked about the pain and the shock that was experienced Amateurs Yankovsky. Mark G. started a nice deal of "Kinotavr" twenty years ago with him, and this year for the first time welcomed the auditorium alone.Interrupt the speakers ' speech kaleidoscope films of the Yes performance of "Chaif" and Miriam Sehon. "I gotta go to bed, I'm tired of being the Ambassador of rock' n ' roll in spasmodic country: where are the young punks that will wipe us off the face of the Earth?" 'shouted Mr Shahrin, and the list of contestants suggested that if the Russian so-called "rock" with the successors of evil, in the film, this situation is on the mend. For example, in the same day viewers will be able to see the Ivan DYKHOVICHNY's film "Europe-Asia" and a film by Ivan vyrypayev "Oxygen".Last brought to the festival and his short film, not included in the competition, but being part of the opening film-"Short circuit". Except vyrypayev, who shot impressionistic picture about the futility of understanding and the importance of feeling - "Feelings" - in the almanac came in and the films of other Directors. Kirill Serebrennikov changed the topic stated in the title, in the language of chemistry, and his short film "Kiss of the shrimp" made in acid colours and the sharp projection of the desire to stick to their guns, telling us about love.Alexei German Jr. gave the audience their version of "short circuit", passing literally the meaning of the phrase scrawled in small film narrated about the life of a mental hospital on the shores of the prickly North sea, to break the monolithic rest which dares not even the man with the abilities of the conductors. Boris Khlebnikov and is invited to a major role of a character from his film of 2006 year "Free floating", giving the hero of Ukraine to act in the given circumstances, according to the familiar character viewer. Pyotr Buslov threw his character in the circumstances in which his artistic soul drew the body in a piece of bleeding meat.When cute show was finished and bored the audience pulled into the fresh air, it was found that on the front of the Winter theatre stretched the canvas on which the local citizens could watch a movie of Valery Todorovsky "dudes". The sounds from the movie and music "Chaif" on the theatre square continued to be posted around the city, and the participants of the festival moved to the beach, where the organizers of the 20th anniversary of "Kinotavr" managed in a more private atmosphere to greet your guests with this remarkable day. Seven exciting days of Sochi will become the capital of Russian cinema. Source: "a Kinotavr" for the first time opened without Yankovsky.


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