Michael Jackson skin cancer is discovered

Michael Jackson skin cancer is discoveredThe doctors diagnosed the famous singer Michael Jackson skin cancer, wrote on Saturday by the British newspaper the Sun citing a source close to the singer surrounded by.It is reported that a disappointing diagnosis 50-year-old "king of pop" was staged a few weeks ago. However, the doctors assured that the disease is curable. It is known that during the medical examination cancerous spots were found on the upper body of Jackson. Also doctors found pre-cancerous" cells on his face."Tests showed the cancer spots on the skin of his body and cells that may turn into skin cancer on his face. At first he was concerned, but the doctors assured him that can cure the disease," reported the newspaper source.Despite his illness, Jackson will join 50 of the show, the tickets are already sold out, including a concert in London in July.It was originally planned that the singer will give in the British capital ten concerts in July of this year. But then due to unprecedented demand, it was decided to organise another 40 concerts until the end of February 2010.It is expected that the last performance of the "king of pop" in the British capital will see about a million viewers.The last time Michael Jackson acted with full concerts in London 12 years ago. In 2006 he appeared at the award ceremony of World Music Awards in London, but he sang from the stage only a few lines of the song We Are The World.Michael Jackson was one of the most commercially successful solo artists in music history. He was proclaimed "king of pop", and his album Thriller is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the best-selling disc of all times and peoples. Source: Michael Jackson's skin cancer is discovered.


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