Muscovites took leave silently Jankowski

Muscovites took leave silently JankowskiA terrible loss, the death of Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky, was a personal grief to everyone who liked this artist, those who will carry through life the memories of his great talent.Hundreds, thousands of people lined up today in the long queue to the Scene, where until the last days of the national actor played their roles. Correspondent Days.Roux said goodbye to Oleg Yankovsky, together with all who can't imagine being without him Russian cinema and theatre.One of the oldest main streets of Moscow, Malaya Dmitrovka, was blocked. On both sides of the roadway, which carried the coffin with a resting body genius left us, silently, and for the most part, silently, were people. Surrounded by sunlit old houses, dark mass mourning crowds two bold strokes of oil paint outlined Dmitrovka from first home almost to the Garden ring.Polite law enforcement officials gently restrained for the most part intelligent, gentle audience, once with a sinking heart, waiting for the release of Yankovsky on stage. With timidity and reverence were the people up the stone stairs of life. From wherever you wanted all who came to say goodbye to Oleg Ivanovich, " with the scene - came the quiet music from the movies, which played this great master - "My sweet and tender beast" by Emil Loteanu, "Ordinary miracle" by Mark Zakharov.Going past the portraits left this world of talented actors and Directors - Alexander Abdulov, Anatoly Efros, Yevgeny Leonov, past the cameras and lenses of the cameras and the weeping colleagues and comrades Yankovsky - Irina Miroshnichenko, Victor Matizen, Igor Nikolaev - admirers of the actor fell into a small auditorium. The hall was empty, the silence is broken only by the sounds which plays music.On stage, surrounded by colorful cloud funeral wreaths and flowers, stood the coffin. At extreme left sat the next people, relatives of Oleg Ivanovich. To leave the place, first lit brilliant game artist, no tears, seemed impossible. As seemed impossible and the thought of Yankovsky's no longer with us.The death of Oleg Ivanovich was shocked to the depths of the souls of all who ever knew him personally or by his talented, wonderful roles played. With a true artist and a respected person, the authority and role in Russian - but what can I say, the Soviet culture is recognized by all, said goodbye silently. Without pompous flowery epitaphs, songs of devotion. Very rare cases where the loss of a person of such a comprehensive scale seems a personal loss of each one, that's what the death of Jankowski.The funeral of the artist will be held soon in Khamovniki, at the Church of St. Nicholas. Eternal memory of a great artist, eternal gratitude for the warmth of your soul, shining talent for your wise opinion and nobility, to you, Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky. Source: Muscovites Jankowski said goodbye silently.


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