Russia is celebrating its 210th anniversary since the birth of Pushkin

Russia is celebrating its 210th anniversary since the birth of PushkinRussia is celebrating its 210th anniversary since the birth of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. In all cities of the country will remember the genius of poetry, again and again will feature works which is a national treasure and the pride of Russia.In Moscow, the celebration of Pushkin's day" is held annually. The capital on 6 June became the centre of celebrations. This year the day of his birth will be celebrated by several events. At noon, the celebration will begin on the square bearing the name of Pushkin. Here the famous monument by the sculptor Opekushin will gather many admirers of the poet to Express her love and gratitude. Guests of the festivities will be the descendants of Pushkin, who gathered in Moscow at his first world Congress. The celebrations will be attended by more than 80 descendants of the poet, among which 40 - Muscovites.Further, the celebration will move to the Arbat, where the memorial apartment of the poet, specify "Вести.Ru ". A special program was prepared by the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin, who invites all admirers of the poet to the open day. There will be two exhibitions: "Money-Pushkin-Money", which features rare documents - genuine letters of Pushkin and his wife's financial and debt problems that the family of the poet was well-known, as well as promissory notes, credit and debit books and money of the Pushkin era. The second exhibition is the symbolic name of "My family tree", and tells the story of the famous family - from great-grandfather of Pushkin to our contemporaries.Celebrating a significant date and the Internet. So, on the main page of Google search engine within just a day you can watch the profile. The artists have tried to imagine how it would look like the logo of "search engine", if it was drawn by the poet himself. Clicking on it, Internet users will be taken to the page associated with the name of Pushkin, specify "Вести.Ru ". Transformed in this day and main page Russian Yandex. It appears the famous quotes from the works of the poet.In St. Petersburg in Pushkin's day will begin the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Tsarskoye Selo Museum in the Imperial Lyceum, where he studied the future poet. The celebration will begin with the Offering of the poet" - a traditional ceremony at the monument to Pushkin in the courtyard of the Russian Museum of his name on the Moika, 12. At noon will also lay flowers to the monument to the young student in Tsarskoye Selo at the memorial Museum of the Lyceum.Widely celebrated Pushkin day in Russia's regions. In this day purged stylized antique balls, parades and competitions, dedicated to the poet. Ladies and gentlemen in costumes of the XIX century will open in Barnaul Pushkin ball. In Tver will pass competition of children's drawing on asphalt on motives of fairy tales of Pushkin. The historical center of Nizhny Novgorod on this day, back in the nineteenth century, and through the streets of the city will be the heroes of the immortal works of Pushkin. In the Nizhny Novgorod region was the ancestral estate of the Pushkins - Bolshoe Boldino. Golden autumn, poet spent here, forever made immortal Russian poetry of the XIX century.The biggest event in modern literary life of Russia promises to be the 43rd all-Russian Pushkin poetry festival, which opens on Saturday at the family estate of the poet - the village of St. Michael. There will be a Festival of festivals of contemporary poetry. Winners of poetry competitions from many cities of Russia will present to the audience their works. Source: Russia celebrates its 210th anniversary since the birth of Pushkin.


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