Valuev twisted Boris Moiseyev

Valuev twisted Boris MoiseyevBoxer Nikolai Valuev twisted singer Boris Moiseev on the birthday of Igor Krutoy the eyes of the other stars of show business.29 July in Jurmala composer Igor Krutoy celebrated its anniversary. Hero of the day, a few hours before the party received the order "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree for his contribution to the development of national music art, came, as always, with her big family - mother, sister, wife Olga and two daughters - Victoria and Alexandra. Victoria Cool gave this evening to his father's song.Igor Yakovlevich was worried about the Seating arrangements of the star guests. However, after the first toast of the seats at the tables lost all relevance. The holiday was a family where all the guests found a common topic of conversation. Even Boris Moiseev and boxer Nikolai Valuev sweet talked and posed arm in arm in front of cameras.The sight was quite funny, the whole Boris and Nikolai huge difference in growth below average Bori Moiseyev vs. 213 centimeters Valuev. Sitting near Larisa Dolina was filled with laughter, on seeing a couple where Valuev in jest twisted Boris.Ksenia Sobchak and Tina Kandelaki in the evening lit under Gregory Leps. And Nikolay Baskov ordered Leps my favorite song from the repertoire of the singer "Natalie", and he jokingly demanded his fee. "Gris, immediately real guys, what money? "said the tenor.Valery Leontiev arrived with his wife Lucy, who is already 17 years living in America, but this year got a "New Wave" to rest on the Riga coast.Gifts Igor Yakovlevich received in festive packaging, therefore, their contents remained a secret. Did not hesitate to manifest their gifts only Yuri Antonov and Boris Moiseev. First handed a Cool gold cufflinks with diamonds, the second is a vintage silver vase from Tiffany.The celebration ended with a festive cake, which carried a salute in honor of the celebrant. Source: Valuev twisted Boris Moiseyev.

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