Today is the birthday of the great comedian

Today is the birthday of the great comedian120 years ago was born the great comedian of the twentieth century, Charlie Chaplin. He was born April 16, 1889 in London at eight o'clock, on street East-lane, in the area of Walworth.No in world cinema another actor, whose fame would have been as great and long lasting. Almost half a century appeared Charlie Chaplin on the screen, causing the admiration of audiences and critics. During this time ascended and went out the thousands of other stars, but he continued to be a crowd pleaser. "I admired recklessness and romance, was a dreamer and a hypochondriac, cursed life and loved her. Life is a tragedy when you see her close up and Comedy, when you look at her from afar," wrote the great comedian in his memoirs.He came from the midst of the people, in the childhood knowing all the weight of a half-starved existence. When he was 18, was enacted in pantomime troupe of Fred Karno, who in 1913 and went on tour in the USA.A year later, twenty-five year old actor made his debut on screen in the film studios of Mack Sennett "Earning a living". But only having almost a dozen short films"Kids racing in Venice", 1914; "Between the showers", 1914; "the Best tenant", 1914, etc.) he finally found a permanent, beloved by viewers image: excessively baggy pants, and the jacket is close-fitting, too large, curving noses broken up boots, mustaches, bowler hat and cane.From film to film (and only in 1914, came out of 34) that Vagabond, trying to seem a gentleman, ran, fell, tumbled, throwing cakes with cream and received a reply right in the face, in short, was made famous by the techniques of clowning and slapstick. In many respects he helped his theatrical past: the majority of tricks borrowed from English pantomime ("His new profession", 1914; "the Night", 1915; "the Tramp", 1915; "the Woman", 1915, etc.).In 1920-30-ies, when Charlie Chaplin founded his own Studio and began producing feature films, where he was not only an actor but also a screenwriter, Director, composer.The peak of creativity of Charlie Chaplin and found them style - weave whimsical eccentric, sad lyricism and sharp satire has become his first sound (only music) the film "city Lights" (1931, in our hire - "city Lights"). Source: Today is the birthday of the great comedian.


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