Svetikova face criminal responsibility

Svetikova face criminal responsibilitySinger Svetlana Svetikova recently detained by the police for the performance of the musical "Notre-Dame de Paris" without proper permission from the copyright holders.In addition to Svetikova criminal responsibility under article 146 of the criminal code "Violation of copyright and related rights" threatens several artists, known for her involvement in the sensational musical: Theon Dolnikova, Alexander Marakulin, Alexander Sekiryu and others. The article, in which musicians were detained, prescribes punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term up to six years.All rights for "Notre Dame" belongs to no one Frenchman Charles Talar. The license term on the Russian version is expired in 2004, writes "Express newspaper".According to the producer of the original Russian version of the musical, artists knew what show this show, but everyone explained what was supposedly their Manager agreed with the French.Talar, knowing that in Russia, the musicians go on tours with his "Notre Dame", asked the Russian Prosecutor's office, after which all actors, including Svetlana Svetikova, were caught red-handed during the regular pirate show in Tula. After notice and a detailed explanation of copyright law and possible penalties artists decided to continue to tour and went to the Voronezh and Bryansk. When they saw the police, we finally realized the gravity of the situation and refused the planned performances in Kursk and Tyumen.As we know, Svetlana Svetikova began to play in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris when she was 17 years old. In 2003 she was ranked fourth on "star Factory-3", and after he participated in the project "Last hero", which was the third. Source: Svetikova face criminal responsibility.


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