Jolie dreams of an affair

Jolie dreams of an affairThe magazine Now Magazine in its new issue reports that Angelina Jolie dreams about having sex with other men. How to perceive it? It sounds like another scandalous story.According to the magazine, ange, allegedly, asked brad if he would like to open relations. The proof is the following statement a source from the environment of the spouses: "Jolie has never adhered to traditional views, especially in regard to love relationships. And it is this trait of hers had called brad".Next Now Magazine claims that Angelina is tired of the relationship with only one man and wants diversity, and told her husband.The magazine's source adds, "Angelina confessed his desire to brad during one of the fights of the couple. She stated that she is tired of their family life and deserved freedom. Ange added that he doesn't mind if both of them will be someone on the side. Of course, brad, despite his quite open-minded, this idea is not liked".This story sounds like a fictional from beginning to end. Source: Jolie dreams of an affair.

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