A Polish priest wrote `the Kama Sutra` for Catholics

A Polish priest wrote `the Kama Sutra` for CatholicsIn Poland, became a bestseller the book of the priest, dubbed the "Catholic Kama Sutra", writes Maeve Kennedy on the pages of The Guardian.On the cover written in large font: "Sex", and below is a rather small letters - "for God-loving couples". The author is the father ksawery knotz from the Franciscan monastery near Krakow."Any exciting act is permissible and acceptable to the Lord. In an intimate relationship the couple can Express their love in all ways, to stimulate the genitals with her hands and mouth," writes Knotz.The book has blessed Polish Catholic Church - it largely holds to the Orthodox line: the author emphasizes that only appeals to a legitimate spouses and strongly recommends not to use contraception the prevention of conception can lead spouses from Catholic culture. Knotz says that his knowledge is extensive, although derived from the experience of others, as he himself observes the vow of celibacy.Publishers are already talking about publishing books in Slovak, Ukrainian and English languages, adds the journalist. Source: Polish priest wrote "Kama Sutra" for Catholics.


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