Wedding Gisele Bundchen almost ended in a tragedy

Wedding Gisele Bundchen almost ended in a tragedyTragedy nearly ended wedding ceremony supermodel Gisele Bundchen and football player Tom Brady's passing in his home town of the bride Santa Teresa.Encroachment on the privacy of a closed ceremony almost cost the photographers life, after protection of the star couple opened fire on paparazzi.Second wedding, we had 25 closest pair of people, followed 5 weeks later, modest wedding in Santa Monica, California. Reportedly, during the ceremony, two photographers drove the car to the place of the event and began to take pictures. The guard, noticing the unauthorized filming, began to crumble in the pleasantries and immediately opened fire on the intruders.According to the paparazzi, who hastened to disappear from the scene, one of the guards released the bullets broke the glass of the car and flew between their heads, barely missing any of them. "The bullet went between us without hitting their heads. If she flew a little to the right or to the left, one of us would be dead," said one of the photographers.The deal about the exclusive placement of your photos with a wedding ceremony model and footballer was signed with one of the famous Brazilian edition, but made illegal shots still hit the Internet, where instantly spread around the world. They can see Giselle in an elegant wedding dress to the floor with a 3-meter-long veil, holding a bouquet of white orchids.Noted that Gisele Bundchen, the highest paid top model in the world, and the player American football club New England Patriots Tom Brady started Dating in December 2006. Before Giselle 5 years torn and restored relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom met with the star of "Sex and the city Bridget Moynahan, who bore him a son.Whether the Brazilian Giselle - lady with hot temperament, whether men she's come across "those", but with Tom Brady novel also are not the most smooth. In September of last year, once again after parting with her lover, leggy babe rushed to get rid of his gifts in a most unconventional way - arranging the auction, for which organization did house Christie's. The hammer supermodel intended to sell many ornaments, which, due To previously flaunted her luxurious body. Source: Wedding Gisele Bundchen almost ended in a tragedy.


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