Elizabeth II has replaced the Rolls-Royce Toyota

Elizabeth II has replaced the Rolls-Royce ToyotaBritish Queen Elizabeth II for the first time replaced the Royal car. Now crowned head will not go on the traditional British limousine Rolls-Royce, Japanese, environmentally friendly Toyota Prius.As reports ITAR-TASS citing a source at Buckingham Palace, this unexpected step is due to the concern of Elizabeth II by climate change, as well as the desire to keep up with modern British society that is increasingly concerned with environmental problems. Buckingham Palace has already held a series of consultations with the leadership of the Toyota Corporation on the subject of buying cars. It is expected that Royal auto will have a special modification. In October Toyota Prius will deliver for a demonstration at the Scottish residence of Queen Elizabeth II - Balmoral. then it will be accepted the final decision about the number and price of cars.Traditionally the British Royal family leaves the light on in the luxury limousine Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is the pride of the British car industry. Excessive "voracity" of the car has a 5-liter engine is probably the only drawback expensive cars.It should be noted that the replacement of a luxury limousine for the "popular" Toyota (recall that the price of the models 600 000 and 22 000, respectively) - not the first step of the British Queen in the quest to improve the environment of the country. For example, in the Royal garage has two Bentley limousine that "feed" exclusively bio-fuel. Machines are upgraded production model Arnage - the main innovation was a new, environmentally friendly power plant. In addition to these vehicles at the disposal of the British Queen also has two more Rolls-Royce, three Daimler, several Jaguar, Vauxhall (in some countries of Europe and in Russia, more commonly known as Opel) and the German Volkswagen.Another member of the Royal family, Prince Charles, also strongly supports the idea of transition from traditional gasoline or diesel to alternative fuels. So, last year Prince remade his vintage Aston Martin to drive for bio-fuels.Toyota Prius is the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle and, in fact, the leader of this segment of the market. The machine is equipped with a hybrid power plant, consisting of a conventional internal combustion engine and a small electric motor that helps save fuel and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Source: Elizabeth II, has replaced the Rolls-Royce Toyota.


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