Putin and Medvedev have not walked a hundred world leaders

Putin and Medvedev have not walked a hundred world leadersIn the Time magazine annual list of 100 most influential people in the world includes only one Russian. It was them was forbidden of the Board "Gazprom" Alexander Medvedev. No, Vladimir Putin or Dmitry Medvedev.The rating is divided into five sections: "Leaders and revolutionaries" (among other related U.S. President Barack Obama, Senator Edward Kennedy, the head of the state Department, Hillary Clinton), "Builders and titans" (into this category and hit Medvedev), "cultural Figures and artists" (actors Tom Hanks, Penelope Cruz, and others), "Heroes and icons" (the President's wife Michelle Obama, the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, TV presenter Oprah Winfrey and so on) and "Scientists and thinkers" (a politician from South Africa Barbara Hogan, U.S. energy Secretary Steven Chu and others).Strategist from GazpromIn an accompanying article, written by the head of the Carnegie Moscow Center political analyst Dmitri Trenin, Alexander Medvedev named "link ("Gazprom". -- Infox.ru with the outside world." "A third of the gas consumed in Europe passes through the hands of Medvedev, and 60% of the total income of Gazprom coming from exports (which is headed by Medvedev. -- Infox.ru)," - writes Trenin."53-year-old Medvedev believes that Russian business -- it's mostly business (not politics. -- Infox.ru). Medvedev also believes in the bright future of natural gas and is looking beyond the current crisis in that day, when the capitalization of "Gazprom" it will be estimated trillion dollars, Г® the article says. "Last summer, she (the capitalization. -- Infox.ru) reached one-third of this value, Г® adds the analyst.Trenin emphasized the ability Medvedev to "think strategically", pragmatic to consider the prospects of Russia's integration into the General system of European energy security.Russia and the USSR at the TimeMeanwhile, in last year's ranking of the 100 most influential people in the world was part of Vladimir Putin. And in 2007, Time named the then Russian President "Man of the year", which became the first representative of post-Soviet Russia, awarded this title.Among the Soviet leaders, which the journal was considered significant figures include Mikhail Gorbachev ("man of the year" in 1985 and 1987), Yuri Andropov (divided the title "Man of the year"-1983 with Ronald Reagan), Nikita Khrushchev ("man of the year"-1957) and Joseph Stalin ("Man of the year in 1939 and 1942). Source: Putin and Medvedev are not included in the hundred world leaders.


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