The first reality show in Runet marked 200 days

The first reality show in Runet marked 200 days200 days ago in Runet launched the first Internet project called "RealityGirl or show the opposite." The idea of a web show is the dream of many Russians about the conquest of the capital.The highlight of the show was that the participant immediately after the victory in the qualifying round received at the free disposal of 100 thousand dollars to achieve these goals. During one year of project participant has to prove to the audience the validity of his claim for the role of the first star of the Internet. The winner has become successful and accomplish many feats for the sake of career and their future. From 400 contestants from different regions of Russia for the role of Queenminds of users, viewers chose Anastasia Whale, twenty-three year old resident of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Project leaders have become well-known journalist Otar cusanelli and former member of the project "Dom-2" Alain Vodonaeva.Over the past six months, the Heroine has chosen their future profession, choosing a career singer. Anastasia did most of the singing and dancing, he recorded his first song. Ahead of the Heroine of the show is expected to record its first album, the first steps on the stage and full-scale concerts. Assistants participating in achieving success in the new field became recognized stars of the scene such as the group "Silver", red "Ivanushka" Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov, Dominik Joker and others. She had already gone through a huge number of obstacles, found a lot of new friends, decided to difficult everyday situations - and all under a daily close surveillance of the Internet audience. Moreover, the audience for the first time in the history of Russian reality projects can actually control the Character, directing it in one direction or another by interactiveconsole.Last week the show chose a new leadership, which has become one of the most active spectators singer NG. She managed to get the audience sympathy despite the fact that other bidders included such famous personalities as Lera Kudryavtseva, Victoria Bonya and Pavel Volya. In addition, the organizers RealityGirl it was decided to select another member, who, like Anastasia Whale will be engaged in the conquest of the capital, but would choose another field. Source: the First reality show in Runet marked 200 days.


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