Steven Spielberg predicts the death of game consoles

Steven Spielberg predicts the death of game consolesThe famous film Director Steven Spielberg shared his thoughts about the future of video games, reports the register.In an interview with British newspaper The Guardian, he expressed the view that the modern platform sooner or later will cease to exist as a class, and the games migrate first in 3D (assuming stereoscopy), and then it will sink in virtual reality.Steven Spielberg, by the way, not so far from the secret as you might think. For example, he recently (as game designer) completed work on the second part of the puzzle project Boom Blox. Game called Boom Blox: Bash Party, was released on may 19 in the U.S.; the European premiere is scheduled for 29-E. "consoles, and other iproplatin will disappear like the Dodo bird," said Steven Spielberg."Now we need an auxiliary device, but I am sure that soon the game will be enough for normal TV, he continued to fantasize Director. - I would really like to see in the near future of the game, designed specifically for three-dimensional devices. Interesting touch: the master said that all his life (more) loved PC, but on consoles has never wavered: "With the PC I was immersed in microvesicle process, notice every detail, while the Wii for me is the fun of macro-level".Recall, the company Spielberg's DreamWorks Interactive was developed for Electronic Arts the famous series of games Medal of Honor. In 2000, when the company faced financial problems, EA bought it and renamed Electronic Arts Los Angeles (EALA). Under the terms of the contract, the company acquired the rights to the game, and directed right to use their stories in their paintings.Today, and Steven Spielberg and EA say that they are delighted with the cooperation with each other. Source: Steven Spielberg predicts the death of game consoles.


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