Winners of the `National bestseller`

Winners of the `National bestseller`The leader of the list of finalists for the literary award "the national best seller-2009" was a novel by Hermann Sadulayeva "Tablet", who as a result of voting the maximum number of points, told RIA Novosti the organizers of the award.Just a short list of "Azbest" 2009 traditionally consisted of six books.In addition to the "Pill" Sadulayev, who scored the maximum 10 points, this novel "Steppe gods" Andrew Gerasimov, "the secret life of the Petersburg monuments" Sergey Nosov, "Tank man, or the White tiger" by Ilya Boyashova, "Anomaly Kamaeva" by Sergei Samsonov and "Petroleum Venus by Alexander Snegirev. These finalists received six points on a scale.According to the organizers, the works were selected by voting from a long list of awards, which this year consisted of 62 works, published in 2008.The organizers also announced that this year the awards ceremony will take place on June 7 and will be held simultaneously in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. Between two venues in these cities will be installed teleconference. In the Northern capital the ceremony will take place at the hotel "Astoria", the Moscow area will be determined in early may.Winner of Azbest" will receive a monetary award in the amount of 225 thousand rubles. As previously reported by the organizers, this year they had to abandon cash awards finalists."National bestseller" - the annual all-Russian literary award, which is awarded for the best novel written in Russian during the calendar year. The motto of the award is "to Wake up famous!".The award was established in 2001. The winners in different years became writers Leonid Yuzefovich, Victor Pelevin, Alexander Garros, Alex Evdokimov, Alexander Prokhanov, Mikhail Shishkin, Dmitry Bykov, Ilya Boyashov. Source: winners of the "National bestseller"".


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