The disease slowly eats Patrick Swayze

The disease slowly eats Patrick SwayzeFamous Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze is impossible to know. He looks absolutely exhausted. After repeated courses of chemotherapy, the actor lost a lot of weight and lost hair. The actor now weighs less than 50 kg.Malignant neoplasm of the pancreas Patrick discovered about a year ago. A 56-year-old actor is one of the most severe forms of the disease. The doctors admitted that they are powerless. Himself Swayze in an interview said that he is ready to live what he has been given by the Lord God, but do not count more than two years.Actor defies terrible disease and continues to work. Despite severe pain, weakness and severe treatment (chemotherapy), Patrick went on to star in the movie, reports The Daily Mail.Recently Swayze finished filming in the TV series "The Beast ", and this autumn will be released in the book of the famous actor, which he wrote with his wife Lisa Niemi.Recall that for over a year the leading roles in the movie "Dirty dancing" and "Ghost" is struggling with a terrible disease. Source: the Disease slowly eats Patrick Swayze.


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