Wife of Ephraim spoke about the carousing husband

Wife of Ephraim spoke about the carousing husbandThe wife of actor Mikhail Efremov Sofia Kruglikova openly spoke about his interesting life with a star.The rumor about Michael Ephraim, the son of the legendary Oleg Efremov as an Amateur have fun with friends with a bottle of booze goes a long time. Even the fourth wife of actor Sophia has officially confirmed the existence of Mikhail irresistible craving for alcohol.About addiction of her husband, she tells not only the press but also the priest in the Church. One of his confessions in the Church I amused my father, telling that beat her husband. The priest had fun," admitted Kruglikova.At the recent Kinotavr paparazzi photographed by Mikhail Efremov in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. Followed by a talk about the drunken debauchery heared that he was expelled wife, tired to endure his endless binges.But, as it turned out, it was just another quarrel the pair. Actually they are because young children always live in separate rooms. Because children at night to sleep, and Michael loves to have fun at this time of day.House spouse is also living in separate rooms. "He has beautiful own room. I did a repair in the apartment, the doors were all sound and zapadoslovenskyi - especially for the drinking man, " said Sophia in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - I have in the entire apartment balcony doors. And husband I can be attributed, that is, shall we say, to accompany him into his room where I can lock up, isolated from the rest of the household, and there he can freshen up".To drinking husband Kruglikova refers to an insurmountable fact. Her only request to him is to stay with friends in such moments. "If he's a monster, let him be a monster with no humanity," she says. While Sophia is perfectly aware of its location and, if they wish, at any moment to find him in Moscow. "Yefremov fairly conservative person and goes to the same place," says actor's wife.Women went from drinking Ephraim crazy, gave birth to his children and tried to overcome his cravings for alcohol, but Sophia decided to accept it because she loves Michael as he is: "the Mysterious Russian soul! He different. And it's nice. It causes a lot of emotions, it is an unusual, crazy, and any woman in the world dreams to have such a... he's not boring!" Source: Wife of Ephraim spoke about the carousing husband.


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