Lazarev made an offer Kudryavtseva

Lazarev made an offer KudryavtsevaSergey Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva, who are called the most charming lovers in the country, decided to legalize their passion. The singer made the beautiful TV presenter proposal at the party in honor of her birthday.Sophisticated capital's Beau Monde and had no idea how strong the feelings of muscular Lazarev and sexual Kudryavtseva. Evil tongues said that this is just a PR campaign as a diversion from the real novels celebrities. But after the birthday of Valeria, which was held in the Moscow club on the water, had to admit that the envious was wrong. Serge Leroy and really love each other, and the proof is in the proposal Lazarev take a stroll to the Registrar.The proposal"I want you to marry me, fondly embracing his beloved, the singer said she in his ear.From what he heard Kudryavtseva was literally speechless, and she step could step, shocked by the suggestion. According to close friends of the couple, Valerie is ready to legalize their relationship with Sergei, but they still have much to discuss, weigh all the "pros" and "cons".While lovebirds are talking about a possible scenario of a future life, colleagues and friends are already thinking of what to give to young on this auspicious day. Sure the party scene: this day would come.GuestsYesterday's birthday girl Kudryavtseva, which is set to become a married lady that has collected on your personal celebration of the cream of the Moscow Beau Monde. One of the first came to Lolita in the constant company Danko. This evening apatana this pair behaved except that Natalia Koroleva husband and Tarzan. Barbiana the khokhlushka had fun, as if for the first time in my life, and her relief husband always wanted to retire to a corner with a glass of wine.TreatsIt is worth noting the holiday menu. Despite the global financial crisis, Kudryavtseva has not regretted money for friends. The birthday girl was treated to close expensive wine, whiskey, vintage cognac and hot dishes, the cost of which is comparable with a weekly salary of the carpenter from Ivanov. Source: Lazarev made an offer Kudryavtseva.


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