Oleg Yankovsky was awarded the prize posthumously

Oleg Yankovsky was awarded the prize posthumouslyAt the opening of the 31st Moscow international film festival, actor Oleg Yankovsky posthumously awarded with the Prize of a name of Stanislavsky "I believe." To present the award, took the stage the film "the Tsar" Pavel Lungin and - Philip Jankowski.The name of Oleg Ivanovich motive hopeless sorrow sounded at the third festival in a row. 20 may Shine Cannes has faded before raznesshayasya on the Cote d'azur news: was not Yankovsky. June 7, the opening day of the 20th of "Kinotavr" he, like 19 years before, watched the scene in the hall of the Winter theatre - but with screens. 19 June in Moscow the President of the Moscow international film festival Nikita Mikhalkov announced the award of a name of Stanislavsky and called the name of Oleg Yankovsky.Went up to the stage by his son. Chairman of the jury of the festival in 2009, and Director, whose film the actor has played his last movie role, expressed Jankowski Jr. "genuflection, admiration and eternal love to his father. Nikita Mikhalkov briefly wished Philip to continue his father's work. Jankowski Jr. turned to the audience.Many of those present were on the parting Jankowski in "Lenkom" 22 may, and since then in their hearts, nothing has changed. Oleg Ivanovich, and if he could go forever, just like his hero Baron Munchausen, in the sky, then from there to smile on those who are left on earth... Philip Jankowski invited to honor the memory of his father a moment of silence. Hall stood. Moscow has said goodbye to Oleg Yankovsky second time.On this silent note, the opening ceremony of 31st Moscow international film festival ended. After a short break, the guests were invited to see the film opening with the participation of Oleg Yankovsky - the already mentioned painting "the King". And then it was quite lucky, to enjoy life at a private party in Neskuchny garden.The 31st Moscow international film festival will be held in Moscow from 19 to 28 June. Among the 16 films 2009 competition included three Russian films: "Miracle," directed by Alexander Proshkin, "Chamber N 6" directed by Karen Shakhnazarov and "Pete on the way to heaven" directed by Nicholas Dostala - and one Ukrainian, "melody for a street organ" directed by Kira Muratova. Last year from Ukriane in the contest was declared a film starring Oleg Yankovsky - "birds of Paradise" by Roman Balayan, a paraphrase of his "Flights in dream and reality". Source: Oleg Yankovsky was awarded the prize posthumously.


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