Last rehearsal of Michael Jackson

Last rehearsal of Michael Jackson A series of photographs taken during a recent rehearsal of Michael Jackson, has been published in several publications. According to Rolling Stone magazine, these photos were taken in Los Angeles on June 23, two days before the death of the pop star.Pictured Jackson captured the dancing and singing in the background set the stage light design with the words "This Is It!" - so should have been called a series of 50 concerts that pop singer was born in London. The first show was scheduled for July 13.The author of the photo is an employee of Getty Images, Kevin Mazur (Kevin Mazur) hired by the promoters of Jackson. According to the British newspaper The Daily Mirror, despite the fact that on these photos Jackson looks weak and sickly, he still gives the impression of a man totally focused on his work.It is noteworthy that the photos Jackson captured in different costumes, which indicates the magnitude of the impending show. It was reported that the concerts of the pop singer on the stage of London's O2 Arena, which were to mark his return to the world stage, could be among the most ambitious in scope.Especially for those presentations, the organizers gave Jackson a lot of the costumes and set various attributes and scenery for concerts: floating sphere, igniting the bed, pyrotechnics, animals, and special anaglyph glasses for the audience (the fixture was designed to view the performance of the song "Thriller").Jackson announced the resumption musical career in March 2009. Originally, he planned to give ten concerts in London, but due to the big hype around the show, the number of performances was increased to 50. It was expected that the "This Is It!" will see about a million people. Tickets for these concerts were sold out in a matter of hours.Shortly after the death of the singer, the organizers of "This Is It!", representatives from AEG Live, has announced that anyone who bought tickets, the cost will be fully refunded. According to available data, only bought about 800 thousand tickets. Refunds will begin on 1 July. The AEG income from the sale of tickets to the show Jackson amounted to about $ 85 million.It is expected that will soon be assembled film, which will include footage filmed during rehearsals of "This Is It!". Only been shot about 100 hours of material. In addition, there is information about preparing to release a live album of Jackson, which will include songs performed by them during rehearsals.AEG Live also announced that organizes concert dedicated to the memory who died June 25 singer. Presumably, the event will take place in September. Your consent to participate in the show gave Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie wonder, Barbara Streisand and other artists. Source: the Last rehearsal of Michael Jackson (photo).


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