Robbie Williams appeared in public with his girlfriend

Robbie Williams appeared in public with his girlfriendRobbie Williams has got a British paparazzi with his girlfriend Aida field. The couple visited the Queen musical "We Will Rock You" plays friend, Robbie, Jonathan Wilkes and at the exit of the theatre was otdelka photographers.The British press reported that Aida is not terribly pleasant to be in their country. She even kind of like pushed Robbie ultimatum: either they return to America, or their relationship is over. "Aida unhappy in England, - add fuel to the fire of gossip. Robbie drew her idyllic picture of life in his country to convince to move to it. And here she is - and he sits at home and on the street is chosen just to go to a soccer game or to play poker. Hades is lonely, she asks Robbie to go back to Los Angeles - and if he refuses, she is ready to go".Interestingly, and in Los Angeles they lived more fun? Source: Robbie Williams appeared in public with his girlfriend.


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