Anzhelika Varum dispelled the rumor of pregnancy

Anzhelika Varum dispelled the rumor of pregnancySinger Angelica Varum, wife of Leonid Agutin, told the truth about her second pregnancy.We will remind that recently in the media it was reported that Leonid Agutin told my friends about the imminent addition to the family. Though his 39-year-old wife Angelika Varum pregnant with a second child.But at the ceremony of the award "Muz-TV" where a celebrity couple Angelica placed all points over "i", writes "Moskovsky Komsomolets". "We are a hundred times diluted. Said that Lenya - alcoholic, I drink too much. So the rumor of pregnancy - the most positive. But, unfortunately, only a rumor. Child five years we are waiting. Does not work yet," said the wife of Leonid Agutin.Recall that artists began performing together in 1997, and later creative Alliance has grown into a family, and on 9 February 1999 at Angelica and Leonid had a daughter Elizabeth. Recently the singer was not once mentioned in an interview that he would like to have another child.In recent years it seemed as though the family Agutin and Varum. Leonid and Angelica settled in different rooms and spent the evening apart. This separation was due to the calm nature of Angelica and restlessness Leonidas.The famous showman Otar cusanelli believes Agutin and Varum one of the most exemplary pairs of domestic show business. "It is the wisdom Varum, not the stardom of both characters is what holds the marriage. Because Varum most important thing a child growing up in the family, and she is an ordinary woman, sometimes earning a lot of money through performances, that's her job. But as soon as work ends, she is a wife and mother, nothing more", - said the showman. Source: Angelica Varum dispelled the rumor of pregnancy.

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