Tom cruise to give a daughter in the Church of Scientology

Tom cruise to give a daughter in the Church of ScientologyDaughter of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes this week will mark three years old, after which her parents intend to give the girl in the Church of Scientology on a five-day training.Suri five days a week will go to the Church of Scientology "new village", opened last year in Los Angeles at the initiative of another Hollywood star, actor will Smith, a close friend of Tom cruise. Training in this school is worth six thousand pounds a year. Teachers are Scientologists make the emphasis on "the study of the technical and applied Sciences".The Daily Mail reports that the baby's already dense schedule: in two years the girl several times per week studying Spanish and French, goes to the art Studio, studying ballet and gymnastics."The children were taught to be responsible from an early age, says about learning in the school sources close to Tom cruise. - In addition, the school is very strict about diet and require that students comply with a low calorie organic diet with low salt and sugar".Katie Holmes is very upset about the impending separation from her daughter. To start learning, Suri will have to go to Los Angeles to the father. And Katie will remain in new York where she starred in a new film.Herself Katie Holmes tries to strictly observe the lifestyle of the Scientologists. Actress solves problems with her husband through weekly written confessions, as provided in the code of Scientology. In them she recognized his little "sins" or tells about events which have not had time to inform him. "Katie informs in writing the full details about everything that happened to her, including the time and location of the event," reports a source close to the pair. Source: Tom cruise to give a daughter in the Church of Scientology.


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